Seeing a counselor has never been easier now that we have Telehealth/ virtual services. IOP Groups, Sex Offender Classes, Domestic Violence and more are now included in that service. We can accommodate you in our telehealth office, or you can attend class from the comfort of your home.


Virtual IOP:

Forever Wellness and Recovery offers two virtual sessions for IOP. We have a morning group and evening group. Clients can attend these sessions with their smartphone or computer. A virtual IOP program removes every disadvantage that might come with an in-person IOP program.

How Do Virtual Programs Work?

Upon enrollment into our IOP program, we require that client to undergo an initial assessment. Once the assessment is complete, the therapist will develop a treatment plan. If the treatment plan includes IOP, they will attend class (virtually) 3 days a week and 3 hours per day for 8 weeks (minimum of 24 sessions). Clients must be in a quiet and private area. Once the client has completed the program, they will complete their after-treatment plan. We strive to keep the program as stress free as possible and hope to make a difference in the lives of others.