We Offer Support to Suffering Families

Get domestic violence counseling services in Shreveport, LA

If you and your family members aren't sure how to properly process what you've gone through, reach out to Forever Wellness & Recovery, LLC. We offer family counseling for domestic abuse in Shreveport, LA.

Whether you're the person in need of domestic violence counseling or you know someone who needs it, we can help. Contact us today to go over our program options with a qualified clinician. Please note we don't provide services for individuals 18 and older unless their parent is the abuser.

Our programs are designed to help you

Our programs are designed to help you

Following an initial assessment, our staff will determine the best course of action, with the goal of helping you and your family to heal. Our family counseling for domestic abuse services are open to all families, whether the abuser is in one of our prevention programs or not.

Call us at 318-562-6616 today to schedule domestic violence counseling for your family.