Our virtual training program for domestic violence aims to help you:

Build empathy and compassion for others
Identify and challenge negative thinking patterns
Develop healthy coping strategies for managing anger and stress
Improve Communication skills and conflict resolution techniques
Take responsibility for your actions and make positive changes in your life

What are some benefits from virtual domestic violence training?

Increased Accesibility
Our Virtual Domestic Violence treatment provides access to treatment for those who may have
difficulty attending in-person sessions due to distance, transportation, or time contstraints.

Enhanced Privacy and Confidentiality
Individuals can participate from the privacy of their own homes.

More Individualized Treatment
Our treatment is tailord to meet specific needs of each individual,
which can lead to more effective outcomes.

Greater Flexibility
Our treatment can be scheduled around the individual’s work, school, and
family obligations, which can help improve their ability to complete the course.

Improved Engagement
Our Virtual domestic violence treatment may be more effective for individuals
who prefer online communication over face-to-face interaction.

Curriculum Breakdown

A breakdown of the program's curriculum, including specific modules and topics covered during the 24-26-week duration. Each module will be briefly explained, emphasizing the skills and techniques participants will learn to manage anger, promote equality, and foster acceptance


Registration Fee of $65.00 includes book and materials
Weekly class: $30.00 payable weekly
MRT 24 Modules 1-2 hour weekly class